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Mass Spectrometry Users Meeting

MS-Öresund is a voluntary organisation that arranges meetings where various topics of mass spectrometry are presented and discussed. The aim of the meetings is to facilitate interactions between researchers, users and students within the field of life science in the Öresund region. Hossein Armandi started the MS-Öresund meetings in 2003 and since then, two annual meetings have been held, one in Copenhagen and one in Lund.


A typical meeting includes presentations about mass spectrometry with applications both from industry and academia, but also presentations from instrumentation vendors where the latest developments and applications are displayed. A meeting always includes time to interact with other participants during coffee breaks and during our renowned dinner in the evening. 


If you’re interested in mass spectrometry, whatever your background is, you are welcome to attend this meeting. The cost is very low for the attendees thanks to our sponsors and it is a great opportunity to exchange experiences and share ideas.  To sign up to the next meeting, go to our Sign Up page and follow the instructions. You can even choose to receive updates for the following meetings by signing up to our mailing list.

Sign Up!


To sign up to the next meeting go to our Sign-Up page and click on the link.

WE NEED PRESENTERS! Do you work in a mass spectrometry-related field? Do you wish to present your work at the next conference? Please go to the “Contact Us” page and write a brief summary of the work you would like to present and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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